Monday 24 June 2013

2x Revell Me 262 A-1a in 72nd, 'striped' 'Green 1' flown by Maj. Rudolf Sinner of the Stab III./JG 7, March 1945

My latest two finishes. Took a week off last week and got, not one, but two, Revell Me 262s done. Mold is looking a bit tired now, the canopy was so poor in one of the kits that I ended up doing a replacement one with a piece of clear plastic and a candle..which was a first for me..

Sinner's machine (Gkr. III./ JG 7)  is finished in the two greens (Xtracolor and WEM enamels) and VI+AF is an early production a/c with nose-wheel scissor link and clear part at the bottom of the rudder...

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  1. Great looking 262s for sure and love the groundwork, too!