Friday 30 August 2013

new tool Airfix Fw 190 A-8 1:72

First new tool Airfix Fw 190 A-8 finished using the kit decals, markings represent a Jagdgruppe 10 machine from late 1944. I would now really like to do  some A-5s and A-6s with this model but for that some-one (Colin at Freightdog ?) will have to consider giving us an 'un-bulged' upper cowl, the 'old' Aeroclub white metal part doesn't fit this new tool..

I did see one comment on BM regarding the length of the gear legs, but a simple test - laying the part down inside the wheel well- tells me at least that if the gear legs were too long they would not fit correctly into the well - and they do.

 I can see I've forgotten a few stencils from the comprehensive decal sheet. I used Xtracolour and Humbrol enamels but I think the 74/75 shades are probably a little too close to each other. 


  1. Given the issues you had with the wing, is this one good value for money? Your finished model would say it is, as it looks great!



  2. cheers, yes I'd say sure it is, the detail is good, panel lines well done and the canopy can be displayed open, unlike the Revell kit, which is looking a little long in the tooth nowadays. Only 'issue' is the absence of any lower fuselage/wing aerials, even the older Airfix Fw 190 had those ..curious omission

  3. Buen modelo Falke! un trabajo muy limpio.
    Ahora que lo veo entero caigo en cuenta que es muy parecido al molde REVELL.
    Ademas AIRFIX a cometido el mismo error en el cowling del motor muy estrecho lo que altera la silueta correcta del avion.
    Ojala AIRFIX corrija el error y ademas nos sorprenda con un buen A-4 que es lo que debió haber hecho desde un principio.


  4. " Good model Falke! very clean work "
    Gracias Ricardo, eres muy amable...
    I am not sure that I agree with you when you say that Airfix made the same mistake as Revell in the very narrow engine cowling which alters the correct silhouette plane..Airfix have made the cowl opening much larger than Revell which some have said was too small.

    I can only agree with you though when you say hopefully Airfix will surprise us with a good A-4 which is what they perhaps should have done from the beginning.

  5. Great model again! As Sondergefecht Kuhlmey had A-8 and F-6 in Finland, june-july '44, I'd be happy too to do these as F-6. V-P