Saturday, 17 May 2014

Airfix EE Lightning F.2A in 1:72 scale, Wing Commander J.B. Mitchell, CO 92 Squadron

This is the new tool 72nd scale Airfix Lightning in the colours of Wing Commander J.B. Mitchell, CO 92 Squadron, circa 1972 - what a brilliant kit, especially compared to other representations of this type that have come before, especially the Trumpeter effort. Shape and detail of this Airfix kit are spot on and the finished model looks especially impressive on the shelf! Click on the images to view larger..

I was quite happy to build this OOB but then saw some neat images of this same machine on I've replaced the Wing Commander's pennant from the spares box, drilled out the cannon ports under the cockpit, added the spine whip aerials etc etc

One or two issues during the build of course; the canopy fit using those huge lugs wasn't good so they came off and I forgot about displaying the model with the canopy open and had to do a bit of a re-spray, the cannon ports didn't fit too well and unwisely I decided to fit them after painting the airframe, my chrome bits don't look particularly 'chromey' despite the Rub n' Buff and then there's the canopy moulding 'flaw', but I can hardly see it to be honest and it doesn't bother me at all. Finish is Halfords Aluminium and Humbrol 11 (brush applied). The burnished effect on the jet pipes is a light burnt umber oil wash. I still have a few stencils to put on, but I've had enough for today..

 Air Britain pic via Robin Walker of Airfix kit subject XN 793


  1. It looks very nice indeed. Just flicking from one enlarged image to the next, one can't really tell the difference between the model and the real thing. Excellent!!

  2. thanks for your kind comments!