Thursday, 15 May 2014

new AZ Bf 109 G-6 Gustav in 1:72nd scale, 9./ JG 3 ace Ofw. Alfred Surau, September 1943

With a heat-wave on the way and a fortnight off looming, it is time to get out in the garden again....and get some modelling done.

I have just finished my first one of a series of the new AZ Bf 109 G-6 Gustavs in 1:72nd scale. Of course this is not the Fine Molds kit and, as a number of modellers have pointed out, the AZ kit looks a little weedy around the front end.  I can easily live with it though. Besides, the FM kit has its own problems - just look at that pathetic FM radiator for example. And if you can look past the outline shape  then the level of detail on the AZ kit, the good fit, the slew of spare and optional parts in the box which enable a host of variants to be built, along with the very much lower price.. all of these things make the AZ Model 109 a very attractive kit indeed. In fact I have just ordered my first AZ G-6 Joypack ..that's three AZ G-6s for less than a Fine Molds 109.

My first one finished in the markings of 9./ JG 3 ace Ofw. Alfred Surau, September 1943...this is from the "limited edition" JG 3 Udet boxing. Unfortunately there is no spinner spiral on the decal sheet and it would have been impossible to mask and paint. In the end I cut out some thin curved strips of black decal and applied..reasonably happy with the result. Now it just needs a port wing pitot from fuse wire and I'm calling this finished...

having posted this subsequently on britmodeller I was very very pleased with the nice comments this one garnered....thanks chaps!

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