Friday 15 August 2014

new-tool Airfix Hurricane Mk. I in 1:72nd build review (2) - finished

...finished the first of my Airfix new-tool Hurricane Mk. 1 fighters which I started back in July here in the colours of the first squadron to receive the type, No. 111. 'Venturi' tube is missing from underneath the port cockpit sill. Neat kit, once you get past the disappointing wing fit, nicely detailed although I've added the cowl bead sight and pilot's foot step from fuse wire. Finished in Humbrols enamels, although my dark green (30) came out a in a very strange shade requiring a bit of a re-spray.


  1. Very nice indeed! Lovely finish - I like the treatment of the dark earth, did you use a lightened dark earth for the centre of each patch of the colour?

  2. thanks very much...yes the Dark Earth has been oversprayed with a lighter mix, although I still don't like the green. I've since purchased a second kit, looking to replace the 'venturi' ..but the sprue was my model is still not 100% complete..