Saturday 13 June 2015

Airfix Spitfire Mk I new-tool (part 3) and more on the Eduard Bf 109 G-6 - both 48th scale

More new-tool Airfix Spitfire Mk I. But whoever designed the gear legs on the new Airfix Spitfire I (48th) was not a modeller - two pieces that butt-join in the well ?! You'll need drills and patience to pin them together I'm afraid, otherwise they will just snap off every time you pick the model up and put it down I shouldn't wonder. When Airfix were doing their test-build and had to sit and and hold the parts together for fifteen minutes with superglue did they really not think, hmm there must be an easier way of doing this? To be fair to Airfix they have tried to represent the pintles in the wheel wells and the gear legs very accurately...just a little too accurately. I really wouldn't want to fit the legs at this stage of the build, but here I have drilled and pinned them. Note the machine gun bay hatches cut out as is the cockpit entry door - these are supplied as separate parts in the box.

Eduard G-6 going together. I've made this build really tricky for myself by cutting down the wingtips - and then deciding I could live with the kit's defects and attempting to glue them back on again ! I've chopped down the gear legs as they are far too long and then I've modified the locating hole in the well so that I can at least try and achieve the correct sort of Bf 109 'sit' which is all but impossible if you don't do anything to the kit. Surface detail is so fine on this kit, quite amazing....

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