Friday, 24 March 2017

72nd RS Models Me 309 - first look in-box build review

Thought I'd be starting my MB 5 by now but I went instead for another new release late-war piston-engined prototype - the RS Models Messerschmitt Me 309. Neat model, finely engraved panel lines a big advance on the Huma kit but short-run fit problems rearing their head before I've got the fuselage halves together. Here I have cut out the rudder and horizontal stabilisers. Kit comes with alternative tails and wingtips. Looks like a 'pregnant' P-51...


  1. I recently picked up the RS Me-509. I've already built the Huma Me-309 and have an unbuilt Me-609. Not that much of a Bf-109 fan but I do like the weird variants.

  2. ..not much into 'Luft 46' but this one flew. Did the Huma 209 at the very start of this blog 'bout 7 years ago. I'm looking for the very rarely photographed 109/209/309 line-up on completion!

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