Monday, 10 April 2017

72nd RS Models Me 309 - first look in-box review build finished (3)

..just finished the new RS Models Me 309. Not a bad little kit. Made a mess of the undercarriage, ruined the decals as they were very thin and stuck fast on contact and guess what..its a tail sitter, despite the nose I've quickly cobbled together this base so that I can stick the model down which will also make it easier to handle. I took a razor saw to the rather thick canopy, cut it into three parts to show the folding hood and also achieved a much better fit of the windshield at the same time. A pilot figure or two would set the model off nicely perhaps.. but can I find my Reheat Models figures when I want them?


  1. Excellent work on The ME 309.

  2. This looks really marvellous - beautiful finish. It's great to see these a/c which are so familiar from William Green's little books from all those decades ago.

  3. Nice job! To me it looks like a 109 crossed with a 262; that nose profile, tail fin, canopy and camo scheme are very reminiscent of the stormbird.