Saturday, 9 December 2017

new-tool 32nd scale Revell P-51 D (early) has arrived - first look in the box

While many would undoubtedly have liked to see a new tooled B model Revell's latest release is an early (no tail filet) P-51 D. Since building their 32nd scale Spitfire IX earlier this year I've been rather taken with this series of kits from Revell -unbeatable value and nicely detailed too. And while I have the Trumpeter 32nd scale 'B' in the stash there are a lot of issues with it. Anyway that's for another time. Meanwhile this latest Revell kit looks the biz! For a start from what I have seen of the test shots and builds for the release of this kit it does have the wheel wells going back to the rear spar which most manufacturers get wrong on the P-51. The wheel wells are correctly depicted with the straight rear "wall" (i.e., the front of the forward wing spar) as well as separate parts for the ribs and structural details. NICE! For around £30 instead of £130 for Tamiya's P-51 in this scale, this should be a huge hit for Revell. I got mine from Model Hobbies inc of postage for under £30 although I believe RRP is around £36. First thing that struck me is that there are an awful lot of build stages to complete before you get anywhere near to putting the fuselage halves together - lots of detail! Revell really appear to be pulling out the stops on this 32nd range - good luck to 'em!

Below; note upper and lower wings in just two parts - no issues with dihedral or 'droop'. Separate rear fuselage/tail for the later versions. Loads of cockpit detail parts and a huge decal sheet for 'Desert Rat' of the 357th FG or 'Lou IV' of the 361st.

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