Sunday, 24 February 2019

Airport, Aerodromes and Airfields SIG display

A superb collection of airliner models in British Airways markings via the AAA SIG's Stephen Harper seen at Saturday's 'On Track' show. These are mostly Airfix, Revell and Zvesda (787 Dreamliner) with the odd Frog Viscount also in the line-up..

I was impressed with the paint job on these - no airbrush was used, although Halfords Appliance White spray cans feature heavily...otherwise the builder reported that Xtracolor don't do British Airways 'Pearl Grey' any more. Aftermarket decals via "26 Decals"

I’ve fancied doing some airliner models for a while now myself - the Zvezda kits look very nice indeed and there is of course no cockpit to worry about - but in all the years this blog has existed I’ve never gotten around to it. These are therefore the first airliners to feature here!

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  1. Glad to see you posting again. Did you ever finish the Hurricane? Also I have a few question I wanted to ask about your other excellent "The Luftwaffe Blog" Thanks for posting the excellent photos.