Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Lidl Airfix Christmas special - Jet Provost T.4

In the UK over the Christmas period the supermarket chain Lidl once again had a stack of Airfix kits on their shelves at something approaching 40% off RRP. These are starter sets with paints, glue and brush for just £4.99 instead of at least £7.99 retail.These make great stocking 'fillers' for just about anybody (well, perhaps not the mother-in-law...) and I made sure that people knew about them - in the end I received the Spitfire, P-51 and Jet Provost kits.The Jet Provost is a bargain at this price and is a very nice little kit. A breeze to build - apart from one or two detail omissions and a curious fit issue around the forward fuselage - which I note that Mike Grant also encountered in his AMW build review..(ie the two fuselages halves never actually meet around the front end. There's not much in it, but still...)

Here's a few images of the build and the finished model in the overall red of the Red Pelicans display team, Central Flying School, RAF Little Rissington, Gloucestershire, England, 1966. Detail views of the real machine at the RAF Manston history museum, including a close-up of the 'missing' fuselage on the images to view larger..

Below; note the canopy 'brace' is an internal feature - there is no external frame as portrayed by Airfix on the kit part - replicated with a piece of decal strip and sanded and polished back. Note the instrument panel coaming needs cutting back in the kit.


  1. Great build. Like your glossy red finish.

  2. Thanks Gary - its BMW red from a spray can from the automotive supplies shop, sometimes a lot easier than loading up the airbrush I find..