Tuesday, 15 June 2021

ICM P-51 D - Anderson's 'Old Crow' 357th FG

As a 'practise' build before starting the new-tool Airfix and Eduard P-51s this is my ICM 48th P-51 D in the well-known markings of 357th FG ace Cpt. 'Bud' Anderson, as based at Leiston, Suffolk during October 1944. I read somewhere (I think) that this kit is very much a 'copy' of the Tamiya P-51 and while I don't know about that, it did go together far more easily than the ICM Bf 109 F I built last year! I made a mess of the windscreen which didn't fit too well though  - I attempted to drill out the blast barrels but made a mess of that as well; note they line-up asymmetrically in the wing leading edge. The finish is a 'weathered' version of RAF dark green, while the decals are from Kagero ‘Topshots’ - but they broke up disastrously on application. I still need to source some prop stencils and maybe add a coat of matt varnish, although I would suspect this machine was kept well polished! All in all this is something of a save....
Merle Olmsted's 'The Yoxford Boys' describes this machine with the following caption: "... It was received at the 8th Air Force depot at Wharton in the first week of September, 1944, just off the freighter from Newark N.J. It would have arrived at Leiston a week or two later, where it was apparently immediately painted in RAF green and Anderson flew it like that until winter came on, when his crew stripped it back to bare metal. It was eventually scrapped in November, 1945."

 Note that 8th AF P-51s did NOT have a wire antenna running from tail to cockpit..

‘Old Crow’ on René Francillon’s beautifully illustrated 368-page A-4 hardback published in French by Lela Presse - almost certainly one of the best - and least known - P-51 references...

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