Friday 12 March 2010

"Balls Out!" - 509th FS (405th FG) P-47 D flown by Lt Milton W. Thompson

Revell 72nd P-47 D as P-47D-30-RA S.No 44-33813 G9*L ‘Balls Out‘of the 509th Fighter Squadron of the 405th Fighter Group flown by Lt Milton W. Thompson. Not the best P-47 kit but an easy straight forward build.

Finished in natural metal with an olive drab anti glare panel. The aircraft has the leading edge of the nose cowl finished in red along with the fin fillet, windscreen and canopy frame. The aircraft has a large charging bull painted on the nose with the words “Balls Out” painted above it.

A rare view of the actual machine taken in Kitzingen, Germany, May 1945

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