Wednesday 7 April 2010

Airfix Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 (1/72nd new tool)

A quick look at the new Airfix Bf109 G-6 before my Trumpeter Emil arrives! Neat box art, great decal options One of the three main sprues. There is no cockpit, which is a pain and the fuselage Beulen (bulges), normally supplied as two separate parts by other kit manaufacturers extend over the top of the engine cowl which completely ruins the effect. Otherwise this kit is not too bad - sadly could have been a lot better. Won't stop me from knocking it together quickly for another -mostly black - JG300 wilde Sau nightfighter version..

Below; Academy G-6 in 72nd scale. Not a bad kit in comparison. Pictures of Bartel's 'Kanonenboot' machine - taken at the time of his 70th victory - are well known, but when building my model I was still unable to ascertain what the upper wing camo might have looked like, or whether the aircraft had white wingtips - until I discovered the lower image in the Japanese Luftwaffe Warbirds Photo Album series (Vol I). Time for a bit of a re-spray...


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