Sunday, 25 April 2010

Focke Wulf 190 aces in 72nd scale, Priller, Linz, Weik

Revell A-8 in the markings of Hans Weik, IV.(Sturm)/JG 3 ace (36 vics) with added Panzerplatten side armour and Scheuklappen (blinkers) on the sides of the canopy

some more Fw 190s in 72nd scale

Günther Migge's NJGr.10 "Kognakpumpe" 'White 9' Neptun radar equipped Fw 190 night fighter in 72nd scale.

Italeri A-8 in the markings of JG 5 ace Lt. Rudi Linz, Kapitän of 12./JG5 KIA on 9 Feb 1945 at the controls of Fw 190 A-8 WNr. 732183 'Blue 4'. Posthumously awarded the RK.

MPM Fw 190 V1 (Fw190 prototype)

  Above - Priller's A-8 from the old Airfix 'Aces' boxing and below, Italeri Fw 190 Dora being refurbished !

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