Monday 28 June 2010

new Airfix Emil build

more progress - 'semi-snap' fit so easy to get this far without using glue! Gear legs, flaps. slats, lower cowl etc etc just plug in. However this leaves a 'stance' that is a little too wide IMHO. This is not very 'scientific' but I'm sure you get the idea. Forget about displaying it next to a Tamiya Emil on the shelf...or fill in the gear locating holes, shorten the legs a touch and then pin with fuse wire at a slightly better angle than here ...I think..

..the gear legs plug in very firmly indeed - all in all the kit fits brilliantly - so there was no scope for 'bending' them here. They do splay a little as well because they are too long IMHO. I've gone and trimmed a couple of millimetres from them and opened up the locating holes so I can 're-position' them a little. I'm a lot happier with the resulting 'sit' ..although I might have 'over-corrected'. I guess opinions on this will be pretty subjective ...(ie 'divided' !)

gear has been shortened and re-positioned to give a much better sit..

another 'inaccuracy' that my 'in-box' review elsewhere didn't pick up on - I blame the cellophane packaging -and which has been commented on is the later E4/7 canopy in the kit - the centre section has some very heavy framing and a 'mid-panel' frame that shouldn't be there on an Emil canopy. This is not an issue if using the canopy for an E-1/3 as supplied in the box but it will make an accurate E-4/7 tricky - I'm doing an E-7 so will have to get with the sanding stick and toothpaste...

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