Thursday, 17 June 2010

new Airfix, Eduard, Trumpeter, Zvezda Bf109 kits

Cleared the shelves of my LHS, difficult not to at the price ..and a few other of the new 109s by way of comparison ! Most expensive was the Eduard Profipack at £37, the Zvesda 109 F was £14, same price as the Airfix Emil, while the Trumpeter 32nd Emil was £ excuse, I'm not having a summer holiday this year..

and some work on the current build, a Tamiya Emil. This one is being built for the Aces II GB on Painted with White Ensign Luftwaffe colourcoats. Didn't like their Grau 02 at all I'm afraid - it came out looking almost 'tan' in colour, so I've had to mist some green over it. The mottle was hard to do 'right' as well..

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