Sunday, 27 June 2010

Airfix Bf 109 E

..well it's not a Tamigawa ..but its a pretty decent model and a bargain at the price. 107 parts, some moulded with finesse but there's some trademark Airfix 'clunkiness' here and there too. Parts break-down almost exactly follows that of the Tamiya Emils. However Airfix have provided a much greater range of options OOB. Fuselage/wings line up perfectly with Kagero's 'Top Drawings'. (some more pics on the Luftwaffe blog) Some things I don't like - the plastic is well thick and quite hard which makes it difficult to get the small parts off the sprues without damaging them. Some of the small parts are a little thick as mentioned ie the control column. I think the canopies look just a tad 'squarish' too. Fuselage /wings just clip together - no gaps at all - but the locating pins are so thick it's almost impossible to get them apart again. Trimmed mine down. Some filler required especially around the leading edge cannon inserts. Flaps just plug in at what must be their maximum angle of deflection and there is also scope to position the ailerons which you don't get in a Tamiya Emil. Note the underwing cannon bulges are separate parts enabling the early Emils to be built..
Impressions vs. the Tamiya Emil which I've just finished are very positive though.

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