Friday 13 August 2010

Stalled builds - Italeri Apache, Otaki Fw 190, Italeri Maultier

Some of my 'stalled' builds. This Italeri Apache is virtually complete. Fit is poor. Has been painted at least twice and 'dusted' with pastels.

  Next up is this 48th scale Otaki Fw 190. Added some Verlinden etch and resin, along with some Sturm armour plate from plastic card before deciding this one really wasn't worth investing too much time on. Since putting this to one side Eduard have released a whole series of 190s which I will be pulling out of the stash soon ! some armour next - an Italeri Maultier Werfer which has had its chassis put together before one of the steering arms snapped and an Italeri Puma which was started ages ago and is now being 'deconstructed'

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