Tuesday, 3 August 2010

new Airfix & old Fujimi Bf110 C in 1/72

Airfix's new Bf110 C arrived !Stunning red box crammed full of nicely detailed and moulded parts.

Airfix sprues

Couldn't resist having a quick go at putting the major components together. No problems - very neat. Big (and relatively) empty cockpit though. Bulged wheels and the exceptionally detailed undercarriage and gear bays are good. Slanted mounting points for the gear ensures the correct stance which is absent on all other 72nd scale Bf110s. Nose guns mounted on a plastic insert ensure perfect alignment - interlocking exhausts also guarantee hassle free construction in that area (I hope..)..looks pretty good overall !

I've laid the major structural parts out on the Kagero plans I have - no issues whatsoever that I can see, much like the recent Airfix 48th Emil. There is a hint of a problem in the upper engine cowl area where the 'taper' extends out over the flapline which it shouldn't do on the real thing. Here's a pic showing it alongside the Fujimi Bf110 C which is generally reckoned to be one of the best 110s in this scale, although its undercarriage is poor and the rear fuselage rather thin. The Airfix 110 is much better in both these areas. Rather like their excellent Spitfire IX Airfix haven't provided much for that cavernous cockpit opening - I'd say that is probably the weakest part of the kit again

Bf110 decals from Techmod and Kagero - and plenty of good reference over on my Luftwaffe blog - link on the side-bar ...

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