Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Airfix Sea Vixen (5)

More progress on the Sea Vixen. Cockpit inserted into upper fuselage half and intake trunking, airbrake bay, wheel wells, jet pipes and arrestor hook located in lower fuselage part. The instructions recommend cutting out the locating holes for the underwing stores racks in the lower wing at this stage, although this is hard to do accurately given the location of some of these right at the edge of the thin plastic on the outer wing join.  Fuselage booms required a smidgen of filler on the upper join. Joining the two fuselage halves is a relatively painless experience although a second pair of hands would have been handy for securing the booms while aligning the horizontal stabiliser..

Background PC images from John Eacott's Sea Vixen image library. Click on the image to go there directly. Cheers John!

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  1. Looking good. It's coming along nicely. I wish the Sea Vixen was available in 1/32. It would look great beside my Sea Venom.