Sunday, 6 February 2011

Airfix Sea Vixen - fitting the flaps (6)

First really tricky part of this kit - fitting the flaps. This is a dry fit - I use the term 'fit' loosely .... I read that parts 10 & 11 C needed a bit of fettling, but no-one has mentioned that you risk losing them inside the tail booms! The flaps themselves clip into the parts that in turn sit inside the booms and which don't fit too brilliantly as you can see here - or at least I think that is what is required. I'm also assuming that they are not meant to fit flush with the booms since the 'flap' sits over the top of them when not extended..? Hopefully some kind soul on britmodeller might come up with some advice here.

..or not. On reflection I'm sure 10/11C are meant to fit flush with the booms with flaps deployed - two hours cutting, scraping, filing and sanding later I'm in a position to put a touch of filler around these parts..the walkaround on the 'Thunder and Lightnings' web site was very helpful here


  1. I still watching this build with intrest.

    Cheers Rich.

  2. Slowly but surely. Looking good.

  3. I have this model and I am hoping to start soon, I have one question, what position would the flaps be in if the plane was about to land. up, down. please help.