Tuesday 22 May 2012

Masking and painting the new Airfix 1:72nd scale Bf 109 Emil

It's been a while since I managed to finish two kits in one week - and needless to say I haven't managed to do it here either with the nice new Airfix Bf 109 E-4. Still, we are well into the masking and painting stage with  both kits. This is probably for my money one of the best of Airfix's new tools especially in 1:72 scale - it compares very favourably with the Tamiya Emil which I have pulled out of the stash for a quick comparison. The Eduard mask used here was produced for the Tamiya kit and fits the Airfix kit more or less perfectly. The Airfix Emil of course features 'poseable' flaps and an engine - which you don't get in the Tamiya kit. Tricky parts - like the stabiliser braces - fit well

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