Sunday, 5 August 2012

Zvezda new tool 1:72 Bf 109 Friedrich

..retailing for £7.50 in the UK this is the neat new-tool Friedrich from Zvezda. Designed like their Yak-3 - which is an excellent little kit- to be a 'snap-together' easy build, parts seem to be well detailed.

From AaCee26 on

"...I got mine yesterday. Excellent little kit! Very easy and quick to build. I compared it with the FineMolds kit and in my opinion Zvezda is even better! Look for example the cowling piano hinge! Worst pitfalls of the FM have been avoided (narrow oil tank after the prop and a little low fuselage on wing trailing edge) so the minor issues with Zvezda are easy to accept (a couple of panel lines missing on top of the wings, closed air intake). If only flaps have been dropped and there would be other sub-types available..."

photos by 'neurodancerus' via flickr' hot-links available to google bloggers



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