Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Zvezda new tool 1:72nd scale Bf 109 F-2 Friedrich (2)

..nicely detailed parts just snap together and/or plug glue required ..and no gaps either. Is this the end of modelling as we know it ?  Shame the supercharger intake is solid and the pitot tube attached to the port wing simply won't survive the handling and painting stages. Once the lower wing insert is clipped on, construction proceeds with the cockpit. The various detailed parts - including a three-part pilot figure - just plug into the top of the wings and the fuselage halves then clip onto the wing around the cockpit....however the wings are just solid parts and there is no provision for deploying flaps/slats or ailerons at all... I think if building this again I would at least cut out the radiator flaps which are invariably down when the aircraft is on the ground ...but those are the only criticisms...


  1. Thanks for info, looks like a kit bound to be built by me too. About the intake, is it otherwise ok except it needs to be drilled out?

    1. Hi,

      thanks for dropping in here! Yes it could be easily drilled out, although it might be a job to do that neatly...