Friday 21 September 2012

Zvezda new tool 1:72 Bf 109 F-2 Friedrich (3)

Some progress on the Zvezda Friedrich. While it looked great on the sprues, the parts don't exactly fit together that well, to be expected for a 'snap-together' kit I guess. I particularly didn't like the upper cowl MG inserts and the tail fin has a large trench across the top of the empennage. The charger intake is from the Italeri kit. A little disappointingly the canopy's appearance is spoilt by some great big 'snap-in' lugs - the model can easily be built and stay assembled without glue. Having said that it really convinces as a 72nd scale F variant...

Now going into the paintshop to be finished as "White 12" of  III./JG 53 with a yellow cowl and rudder as illustrated at Ander's Profile Paintshop

More soon!

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