Sunday, 9 September 2012

RAF Mustang IV Airfix Gift set with Freightdog Models update set

Unlike the older previous Airfix Mustang kit, which included optional propeller parts to allow a P-51D or P-51K  kit to be built from the box plus a variety of underwing stores including bombs or drop tanks, the new-tool is rather lacking in this respect since all you get in the box is the Hamilton Standard propeller of the P-51 D version plus one set of drop tanks which lack their distinctive 'seam'. Unfortunately this means that the RAF option (a  P-51 K or Mk IVa) featured in the Gift set boxing does not have the 'uncuffed' Aeroproducts propeller nor the distinctive louvered intakes which were fitted to the side of the engine cowlings on many RAF Mustangs. The aircraft featured on the decal sheet of the gift boxing is the well known KH774 GA-S from 112 Squadron. Fortunately Freightdog models have produced a neat little update set which includes a new prop and lower 'louvered' engine cowl..

Here I've made a start on the kit by cutting away the lower cowl - very straightforward since you simply follow the panel lines and the resin insert drops into place. Note that the kit decal sheet provides no serial while the codes are depicted as grey when they should be white. On the painting instructions the propeller spinner is shown to be black when it should either be the wartime red or the post war colour adopted by the unit which was thought to be light blue.

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  1. It's a shame about this Airfix kit as surely the after market options to correct it make it pricey? Sure you'll make a good job of it though, and I love the idea of a RAF '51.