Saturday, 23 November 2013

Airfix De Havilland DH 88 Comet & AZ Spitfire IXc (2)

Airfix DH 88 slowly coming together. For a kit with only four 'stages' and around 24 parts it is pretty hard work getting everything lined up and smoothed down. Lots of filler required - here it is almost ready for some Halfords Primer. Pic below shows the new smash-molded canopy placed loosely over the cockpit for a test fit - second time I've had to do this recently, but it still takes about twenty attempts with a candle and plastic food container (usually a flat lid - the key is finding something of suitable thickness...)

1:72 AZ Spitfire IX almost ready for paint. Neat kit, but I'm finding the plastic a little hard and the lack of part numbers and rather poor instructions makes it a little harder to build than, say, the equivalent Airfix kit. It does however feature alternative wingtips, rudders, separate cannon bulges, two sets of spoked wheels and a lovely interior..


  1. Have you heard of Hanriot H.232

    1. ..indeed, I think the German magazine Modellfan did a small piece on captured machines. Perhaps I should post the photos on my other blog. Do you have any pictures of the three that were given to Finland ?

  2. The DH88 is beginning to look the part - thanks for the earlier warning about the cockpit (I was tempted with the green boxing last weekend - but bought two Gladiators instead...). Do you know the Herge cartoon book about the twins and the 600kph racer ? It looks remarkably like the DH88 and was, I think, a pre-war work by Herge.

  3. did well not to let yourself get sucked in by the promise of a gleaming glossy elegant looking model - I don't think its going to happen! BTW the French produced a similar machine, a Caudron racer 'mailplane' don't recall the designation off hand..