Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Airfix De Havilland DH Comet 1:72nd - almost completed (3)

a quick look at progress - aiming for at least three more finished builds before the end of 2013 so I have to get this Comet clear of the bench! Here are a few views of what I've done with this very old kit;

Cockpit scratched and detailed with seats, control columns, sidewall detail and instrument panel(s). Replacement canopy smash-molded, framing added with painted spare decal strip, stuck down with Klear - first time I've used decal strip for canopy framing but it worked quite well I think. Ailerons cut out with my Trumpeter scriber and re-positioned. Nose landing light from scrap plastic filed and sanded to shape - not quite as elegant as the real thing, but, still, its there.. I regret now that I haven't  bothered to cut out the horizontal stabs, haven't scribed any flaps either come to that, but you have to stop somewhere...

Two views showing the engine exhausts and fairings from scrap and wire, and the tail strut fairing, all added after the first coat of Humbrol Gloss 2 unfortunately..


  1. Looking very nice. Lovely smooth finish so far, and the scratch cockpit is a real boost. Many years ago (nearly 40!) I used painted sellotape for cockpit framing on an Airfix Thunderjet. It worked surprisingly well and despite not being sealed in, it was years before it peeled a bit. Might try out again, on a simple frame.

  2. thanks, you are too kind! I recall doing that too once ..but in those days didn't know about 'Klear'. The decal film/paper is much finer though and goes round curves easily with Klear varnish if the strip is thin enough...worryingly perhaps there was plenty of it 'spare' on the kit decal sheet...