Monday, 19 February 2018

new-tool Airfix Phantom FG. 1 - here at last. FG.1 XT863 G 111 Sq special scheme IAT 1983

Here at last...but of course you know that. Far from rushing out to buy one or several I must admit to having had my potential enthusiasm for this kit somewhat 'dampened' by the first initial appraisals that appeared on various forum sites. Basically this new-tool Airfix has been compared a little unfavourably with the relatively ancient but good Fujimi kit.

However I shouldn't have worried. This new-tool Airfix FG.1 looks spectacular in the box - loads of options - radome, radar, refueling probe, wing folds etc etc and the biggest decal sheet possibly ever on a 72nd scale jet. Not to mention the deepest panel lines ever.....

FG.1s served with two RAF squadrons, 43 and 111. XT 863 G of 111 Sq as seen at IAT 1983 is a subject on one of the first Xtradecal sheets. Pic below in my collection

And via the F-4 SIG leader;  " Most of the available info suggests XT863 had a single colour grey overall, which looks to me to be Light Aircraft Grey. This includes the colour of the missiles. As is usual with photos, the only true reference is the guy who painted it. I have heard a story this was an experimental scheme, though the stonger evidence is that it was one of 111's many special schemes.."

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  1. The old fujimmi kit is a very nice model. Great pictures of what is inside the box. Sure a lot of parts to put together..