Friday, 14 February 2020

..good day for the stash!

..a good day for the stash.....wandering into my local curios and collectables shop I spotted a couple of rare kits on the shelves... only £15 - a 48th Airfix Buccaneer and Hi-Grade F-4 from Hasegawa with metal parts and etch fret. For some reason there are four metal ejection seats in the Hasegawa F-4 box..

" ...That's a lucky haul and then some! I've had both in my stash for some time now though had to pay (relatively) daft prices by comparison. The Phantom had been on my radar since seeing it as a kid in 1987 (Hasegawa like Tamiya kits were 'waaaaaay' outside my pocket money or even Christmas budget) and I went a little 'wild' when I returned to the hobby in 2011 and discovered eBay. Main problem for me with the Bucc kits has been whether to pull the trigger and put the effort in or wait to see if the Tanmodel kit pans out. Best of luck with the kits!.."  'Nocoolname' on BM

..and an example built for display currently for sale on ebay

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