Sunday 12 May 2013

Zvezda Fw 190 A-4 in 1:72 scale

Completed my Zvezda 1/72 snap together Fw 190 A-4. It builds reasonably well although there are a few issues with it. There is a very large step where the forward part of the wing joins the rear of the engine cowl which took a lot of filler, there are a few sink marks on the canopy frame and some detail is missing or incorrect. I've used True Details resin wheels with the correct hub details and patterned tread for example. The kit comes with a reasonably detailed cockpit and a nice pilot figure. It is not that cheap a kit though so I probably won't build a whole Staffel of them....although I must do a winter camo machine from JG 54. Much more on my Luftwaffe blog ...


  1. A-4 type was developed in the F-1 type Jabo.
    Original F-1 is to first full factory-made Jabo model.

    Info: 1./SG 5, I/SG 3, II/JG 54.

  2. Salut Niel

    Il est magnifique ce petit FW. Hâte de le voir le mois prochain.