Friday 31 May 2013

new tool Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB 1:72nd scale (3)

Day 4 and 5 on the Typhoon. Lots of superglue, clamping and sanding off of locating pins and lugs to get the wings on and even then there were some horrible gaps which in the end were easily and quickly filled with my mix of 'Green stuff' putty thinned with surgical spirit to minimise sanding. The wing tip lights are coloured plastic beads sanded to shape and masked off with Maskol. Elevators cut out and drooped, I wanted to leave the horizontal stabs off until the end so that I could properly mask the fuselage band, but the gaps were frankly too big. I had a good moan elsewhere about modellers complaining about the 'difficulty' of putting together some of these Airfix new tools, but I'm starting to think that a brand new kit shouldn't be this hard to put together! But at half the price of the new Brengun Typhoons I'm not complaining..really I'm not. White primer undersides, the seams aren't too obvious so I may proceed straight to finishing from here..

The lower wing D-day stripes are relatively straight forward to mask up and paint using the kit decals as a guide. However I may use the kit decal for the lower fuselage stripes. The inner gear doors come complete with retraction jacks moulded in situ. Not too sure what colour the rocket rails were so I've painted them on the sprue in the lower surface colour, Humbrol 165 with the 'rail' part finished in aluminium...

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