Saturday, 13 July 2019

Rigging the Airfix 72nd scale Tiger Moth - build review (2)

..or should that read 'attempting' to rig the 72nd scale Airfx Tiger Moth. It is not the first biplane I've 'rigged', but it is the first time I've used EZ Line to any great extent - the 'easy' option would be something a little less elastic, possibly even stretched sprue. Here I've used EZ line (fine), super glue, accelerator and some thin pointed tweezers - and made a bit of a pig's ear of it. Ideally I needed a second pair of hands. It didn't prove possible to fit the rigging before putting the top wing on - the interplane struts are simply too precarious to secure the thread to. The 'pros' do all sorts of fancy stuff - like drilling right through the wing and pulling the thread through. I managed to snap several 'wires' doing this. I desperately need a fool-proof method of accurately applying a small amount of glue too - too large a 'blob' and the paint work is ruined  - as here. Nothing that a few touch-ups can't hide though..not every wire is replicated of course and in the end I was reasonably happy with what I'd managed to achieve. Sometimes I think that this is the whole point of this hobby -  to take pleasure in the 'process' and to enjoy the sense of achievement when 'completing' a new task...


  1. You must have steady hands. Tiger moth is looking good.

  2. I agree ,the sense of achievement can be found right through the hobby ,but even better when attempting a skill that has seemed daunting .